Thank you for your interest on becoming a member of the Australasian Dermatopathology Society

Membership of the Society, in accordance with our Constitution, is open to:

"all fellows of The Australasian College of Dermatologists and The Royal College of Pathologists of Australia and such other medical practitioners as the Committee may from time to time determine. Trainees in approved posts recognised by either The Australasian College of Dermatologists, The Royal Austalasian College of Physicians or The Royal College of Pathologists of Australia and medical practitioners or other scientists active in fields pertaining to dermatopathology shall be eligible for Associate Membership of The Society".

Regular Member - AUD $65
Associate Member - AUD $0
Honorary Member - AUD $0

As per above, you are entitled to Associate Membership if you are a trainee or registrar. In order to register your Associate Membership, please email to receive a Code that will allow you register your Associate Membership. You will then receive a Code to input on the first page of the Membership registration form. Within your email, please provide proof of your trainee/registrar status, including the name and type of your training program, as well as the signature of your supervisor.

To streamline application processing, every application received between Annual General Meetings of the Society will be considered by the Executive of the Society at the Annual Executive Meeting. This is typically held on the day prior to the Annual General Meeting. Applications approved by the Executive are then put to members at the Annual General Meeting, for final approval.

Because of this process, you will not receive written notice of the result of your application prior to the Annual General Meeting that first follows receipt of your application.  However, once you have submitted a properly completed and refereed application form, and until your application is determined, you may register for Annual Scientific Meeting and access any other Society events at member rates. If for any reason your application is not ultimately accepted, your membership application fee will be refunded and you will not be required to repay any member discount you may have been granted between receipt and determination of your application.

The Executive of the Society looks forward to considering you application at its next meeting.