ADS Policy Document 3: SM Attendance Eligibility

1. The Constitution of the Society establishes objects that include

  • ‘to foster an interest in dermatopathology among dermatologists and pathologists’ and
  • ‘to bring together dermatologists and pathologists for the benefit of dermatopathology’.

Other objects include

  • to promote training in dermatopathology by instituting scientific meetings, demonstrations and seminars;
  • to provide and disseminate teaching material in dermatopathology;
  • to encourage research in dermatopathology and allied fields; and
  • to do all things, and to take all actions expedient, incidental and conducive to the achievement of the above objectives. 

2. Accordingly, the primary intended audience for the Society’s Annual or any other Scientific Meeting (SM) is

  • Dermatologists,
  • Pathologists, and
  • Trainees in Dermatology or Pathology who are Accredited for the training as specialist dermatologists or pathologists in Australia, New Zealand or any other international jurisdiction acceptable to the Board of Directors of the Society from time to time.

3. Other applicants whose registration applications to attend the ASM may be accepted include

  • Non-accredited trainees in dermatology or pathology,
  • Other medical practitioners, or
  • Non-medical practitioner scientists,
  • Medical students and other students
  • Others interested in dermatopathology 

Provided that

  • Advertising is not specifically directed toward those persons,
  • The registrant pays the non-member registration rate appropriate for their level or seniority, and
  • The Board or Convener(s) has not advised the SM Administrators that the individual in question must not be registered to attend. 

4.  Advertising for registration to attend the meeting must be primarily directed at the audience in (2) and not specifically at the audience in (3).

5. The Convener(s) or The Board may at their discretion direct SM Administrators not to register any applicant for a SM. Neither the Convener nor the Board are required to give reasons for any such direction to any person, except that a Convener(s) giving such a direction must notify the Board within 5 days and the Board may then over-rule the Convener(s)’s direction at the Board’s sole discretion.

6. While both are empowered to do so, neither the Convener(s) nor the Board is required to consider any registration application before the application is approved.